Father’s Day Gifts for Your Foodie Dad

Pop Culture

Sure, many dads love to grill, but there are plenty who take food very, very seriously. They're not just regular dads — they're foodie dads.

Here's how to tell if you have a foodie dad:

  • Is he keen to food fads and knows the latest food trends before you do? Foodie dad.
  • Can he recommend a local restaurant and knows the menu top to bottom? Foodie dad.
  • Is he well-versed in cooking styles and techniques? Foodie dad.
  • Is he already planning dinner while eating lunch? Foodie dad.
  • Is he adventurous and up for trying any and all wild menu items you wouldn't dare try? Foodie dad.
  • Does he have too many cookbooks for all types of cuisine to count? Foodie dad.
  • Does he think cooking is an art? You, my friend, have a foodie dad.

We can go on and on, but you get the point: He loves food, so this Father's Day, it's best we recognize his passion and give him gifts he'll truly enjoy and put to good use.