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The Savory Cocktails You Need to Try This Summer, & No, We Don’t Mean Bloody Marys

If you want to mix up some really refreshing drinks this summer, it’s time to turn to the savory side of life. So many of the cocktails we guzzle in the warmer months are loaded with sugar, not a great mix when you’re also sitting in the sun (hello, headache!). Opting to nix the sugar and instead feature spicy spirits, savory summer produce and add-ins like olives, herbs and bacon will give you drinks that you can sip on all day.

Experimenting with savory mixology is also a fun way to add some exotic new bottles to your bar. There’s Cynar, a bitter Italian spirit made from artichokes; kümmel, a German liqueur flavored with cumin and caraway; and yes, even bacon-infused whiskey. Once you have these on hand, you can experiment and create your own thirst-quenching savory sippers.

These drinks are also delicious paired with your meals. Enjoy them alongside foods that are hard to pair with wine, like artichokes, cruciferous vegetables, blue cheese, soy sauce-based dishes and sushi.

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