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The Perfect Summer Cocktail for Every Zodiac Sign

Happy summertime, star signs! The sun is out, your shirts are sleeveless, your horoscope looks flawless and life could not be better. Except for one thing: you need the perfect cocktail, one that is totally Instagrammable and delicious as heck. After all, nothing makes up for a long, hard winter quite like a buzz-inducing beverage and good weather.

Looking for a little inspiration for your signature summer drink? Look no further. We’ve deep-dived into the zodiac personalities to come up with a unique, delicious boozy drink that is sure to make you grateful to the universe again. 

If you’re a beach-loving Pisces, your drink is here. A regal Leo? We’ve got you. And even balance-seeking Libra has a magical cocktail just waiting for you.

No need to align the planets for these drinks. All you need is a cocktail shaker and a little bit of time.

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