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10 Smoothies Filled With Summer’s Best Superfoods

We can hardly wait to throw on our easy-breezy summer outfits, dust off our shorts and enjoy the sunshine. But while summer’s warm temperatures are great for our sense of well-being, it tends to be bad for our desire to cook. Seriously, when’s the last time you wanted to make a pot roast in the middle of June?

There’s something about working away over a hot stove while your AC is blasting that feels totally ridiculous. That’s why summer is the time to celebrate the return of smoothie season. Smoothies are fast, simple and — when you do them right — packed with nutrition. It certainly helps that summer is harvest time for some our favorite superfoods, making it even easier to replace our daily multivitamin with fruits and veggies.

We sought out some of the best uses of summer superfoods to bring you this list of must-try smoothies. Bonus: They’re not all bright green. 

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