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7 Restaurants Adding CBD-Infused Dishes to Their Menus

Do you remember when Amsterdam was a strange, elusive place where people could — *gasp!* — smoke weed without repercussions? Now, the U.S. has its own weed-legal spaces, including Colorado, Oregon, Washington state, California, Nevada, Washington, D.C., Maine, Alaska and Massachusetts, with several more decriminalizing or making marijuana available for medical use.

But beyond ending a senseless prohibition of weed products, it’s also opened the door for new business opportunities — including those that have nothing to do with getting high. Hemp products — which lawmakers had long confused as the same as marijuana — are being given new life.

One hemp derivative is cannabidiol, or CBD, one of several cannabinoids, and it’s the one making the most waves when it comes to healing diseases or relieving pain. One CBD product is oil, which is often made from hemp, and it focuses on high doses of CBD with low THC — meaning it won’t get you high. It may, however, help reduce inflammation, pain or anxiety.

Restaurants in particular have seen an opportunity to create new foods and drinks that incorporate CBD oil. Who wouldn’t like a little extra Zen in their cup of coffee? From breweries to bakeries, here are a few restaurants who are leading the CBD revolution.

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