8 Cold Summer Beverages & How to Brew Them at Home

We're more than a little excited about summer. Gorgeous warm days, sleeveless shirts and ice-cold beverages to cool down in the sun? Yes, please.

Summertime also happens to be when our inner party host comes out. It's also when we cast off our wintertime hermit tendencies and our springtime skepticism and dive fully into celebrating with our friends. We’re all about fresh recipes, fabulous barbecues, weekend bonfires or even quiet wine nights with the windows open.

If you're looking to get creative with your favorite recipes this summer, don't forget about experimenting with new beverages. While we love a good sangria, there are other ways to punch up your summertime drinks. Our hot take? Try brewing your own drinks.

Whether you're making sun tea, creating a farmers marketworthy kombucha flavor or going full brewmaster with your own beer label, here are the brew-only summer drinks you just have to try making yourself.


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