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The Rosé Treats We Are Loving for Summer

There’s nothing better than sitting on the porch on a warm summer evening sipping a cold glass of rosé and watching the sunset. Or is there? It turns out eating your rosé in the form of dessert is just as delightful. Because of its light body and floral, fruity flavor profile, rosé pairs well with many of the elements of your favorite summer desserts. Add it to cake batter to give it an added depth or spike your sorbet to give it a little kick that’s even more refreshing than the icy temperature alone.

One thing to be careful of is the sweetness of the bottle of rosé you choose for your kitchen adventures. Stick to those labeled “rosé,” not white zinfandel or pink moscato, both of which can be overly sweet and will disrupt the balance of your recipes. And don’t worry about getting a pricey bottle. You can get a great bottle of rosé for $10 or less, and you’ll be mixing it with other ingredients anyway.

Best of all? You can sip on any leftover rosé while you enjoy your dessert. That’s summer synergy we can definitely get behind.

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