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12 Gourmet Pickles That Are Going to Rock Your Summer

There are lots of things to look forward to about summer. Long evenings that mean you can stay outside later and later, great weather (sorry, Texas and Arizona), fewer gray days and lots of barbecues. And one other thing: It’s pickle season.

OK, OK, the whole point of pickles is that they don’t really have a season. They’re preserved cucumbers, after all, and I’m sure they make it onto your sandwiches all year round. But there’s something about summertime and a fresh, cold pickle that absolutely transforms everything it touches: a burger, a sandwich, a hot dog, even your afternoon when they’re eaten straight out of a jar.

In celebration of that glorious experience, we rounded up some of the most mouthwateringly gourmet pickles available. These aren’t your standard spears — these are flavorful and unique, the kind of treat you’ll want to break out at a party but keep a jar to yourself too. Get ready for them.

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