Breakfast Salads Are a Thing, & Yes, You Should Be Eating Them

Eating a healthy breakfast is kind of like working out first thing in the morning — it sets you on the right track and paves the way for healthier choices throughout the day… or at least yields less guilt when you eat that candy bar at 3 p.m.

I know what you're thinking: Salad for breakfast sounds weird, right? Let me convince you otherwise. First, what exactly is a breakfast salad? A breakfast salad is pretty similar to the salad you would make for lunch, except it's packed with more goodies. Sometimes they can be loaded with more untraditional salad ingredients, like smoked trout and blood oranges. Breakfast salads are less about the lettuce and more about healthy, nutrient-dense toppings that will kick-start your day in a delicious way. 

To get you started on your new salad-for-breakfast lifestyle, we rounded up eight delicious, fresh salad recipes perfect for busy weekday mornings. 


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