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The Herbs That Will Elevate Your Spring Cooking

Spring is here, and it’s time to start eating like you believe it. Whether you’re down south where it already feels like summer or still bundled in your winter garb up north, it’s no surprise we feel a little bit of whiplash trying to figure out how to let go of our wintertime staples and embrace the spring. One way we’ve found success: Get excited about springtime herbs.

Although grocery stores often offer these herbs year-round, there’s something about knowing you’re eating seasonally that helps you feel a little more connected to the food you’re eating and the world you live in. Plus, in-season herbs and veggies tend to taste better anyway.

We chose some of the best spring herbs to get your palate out of winter stew season and into sunshine tastes. From lesser-known herbs like chervil to standby favorites like basil and cilantro, each of these herb recommendations will give you something new to try.

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