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Salad Toppings That Will Wake Up Even the Most Boring Salads

I suck at salad bars. Inevitably, I end up throwing together way too many ingredients that just don’t mesh, resulting in a mushy mishmash of flavors and textures.

Believe it or not, green olives, corn, feta cheese and tuna seemed like a good idea at the time. I’ve since learned that just because the ingredients are appealing on their own doesn’t mean they create a coherent salad. But if you stick with a singular focus and opt for fewer flavorful ingredients, you’ll end up with a well-rounded salad that’s actually worth eating. 

To help you get started on your journey to building a better salad, we’ve rounded up some unique salad ingredients to wake up even the most uninspired salad. No dried cranberries or slivered almonds here. These salad toppings are full of flavor and will add an extra oomph to your bowl of greens. Whether it’s crunch from savory granola, creaminess from a soft-boiled egg or a citrusy tang from preserved lemon — these salad toppers will rock your lunch.

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