10 Road Trip Snacks Everyone Loves

Road trips are one of the great American experiences. Wide open spaces, your favorite tunes and new destinations just beyond the horizon make for a unique, inspiring way to spend your weekend — or your PTO.

As any experienced road tripper knows, there are a few things you need for success on a getaway. Comfy clothing is a must, for example, since the last thing you need is a waistband digging into your stomach or itchy fabric bothering you while you drive. You’ll want a full tank of gas, of course, and something good to listen to — maybe a podcast or your favorite jams or an audiobook you’ve been meaning to get to.

Perhaps most importantly, you need some excellent snacks. You’ll get hungrier than you think on a road trip, and you don’t always know when you’re going to be able to stop for a meal, so having a variety of snacks is an absolute must.

Here are 10 beloved road trip snacks you’ll want to have on hand.


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