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3-Ingredient Desserts That Are Perfect for Spring

If you’re planning to entertain for Easter or Passover this year, your grocery and to-do lists are likely growing in length with each passing day. One way to minimize the stress and schlep factor of holiday hosting is to truncate your shopping list and make dishes that don’t require a wide array of ingredients.  Easy-to-assemble appetizers, simple roasted vegetables and one-pot main dishes will save you this season. 

But what about dessert? While it’s easy to keep it minimal with savory dishes, it’s not so simple with desserts.  Luckily, we’ve scoured the internet for you to find the perfect springtime desserts with three ingredients or fewer. Skip the store-bought cake and opt for one of these light, bright and fresh desserts. Lemon tarts, fresh fruit sorbet, tangy rhubarb compote and citrusy mousse — these easy recipes make the most of spring fruit and will brighten up your holiday table. 

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