A Food Tour Is the Vacation You Need This Spring — Here Are the Best Ones to Check Out

Mar 20, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. ET
A Food Tour Is The Vacation You Need This Spring
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We’re in the homestretch of winter. The days are finally getting longer, tulips are making an appearance at the market, and swimwear and sandals are on your mind (and in your shopping cart).  Summer is not the distant mirage it once seemed, which means it’s time to start planning your next vacation. If you’re already dreaming of summer but can’t quite bear the thought of waiting until August to travel, consider taking a trip this spring instead. Airfare is typically more affordable in April and May, and you can get lucky with temperate weather and fewer crowds during the spring. 

Now, that I’ve convinced you to go on vacation, let’s talk about what kind of trip we’re taking. If your favorite part of any trip is the food, then consider a culinary vacation — a food tour is what they are technically called. Think of the possibilities — pasta making in Italy, wine tasting in Napa or learning how to bake fresh croissants in France (and sampling the goods while you're at it). Food tours are a great way to immerse yourself in a city’s culture and learn the language, history and the traditional cuisines of the region. And you'll bring your newfound knowledge and cooking skills home with you at the end of the trip — way better than any souvenir you could buy. To get you started on your food adventure, we’ve rounded up the best culinary vacations you can book this spring. Ditch the guidebook and pack yourself a sturdy apron for the trip of a lifetime. 

1 /9: Culinary Tour of Ancient Olympia

A table of food in Olympia, Greece
Image: Westend61/Getty Images

1/9 :Culinary Tour of Ancient Olympia

2 /9: Wine & Safari Tour in South Africa

Winelands and safari tour in South Africa
Image: Micheal Prinsloo/Getty Images

2/9 :Wine & Safari Tour in South Africa

3 /9: Spa & Cooking Trip in Bali

Women carrying food in Bali
Image: Colin Anderson/Getty Images

3/9 :Spa & Cooking Trip in Bali

4 /9: Culinary Adventure in Puglia, Italy

Pasta in Puglia, Italy
Image: Judith Haeusler/Getty Images

4/9 :Culinary Adventure in Puglia, Italy

5 /9: French Patisserie Course in France

A baker holding baguettes
Image: Clay McLachlan/Getty Images

5/9 :French Patisserie Course in France

6 /9: Food, Wine & Cooking in Spain

Orange trees in Seville, Spain
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6/9 :Food, Wine & Cooking in Spain

7 /9: Culinary Tour of Japan

A restaurant in Tokyo, Japan
Image: MAISANT Ludovic/Getty Images

7/9 :Culinary Tour of Japan

8 /9: Learn How to Cook Moroccan Food in Marrakech

8/9 :Learn How to Cook Moroccan Food in Marrakech

9 /9: 4 Days of Wine, Chocolate & Yoga in California

9/9 :4 Days of Wine, Chocolate & Yoga in California