13 Floral Cocktails to Get You Excited for Spring

There are a lot of things that signal spring is on its way, but nothing is so exciting as seeing the first few flowers bursting into bloom at the beginning of the season. It's a welcome sight after a winter of dreary cold, rain and mud, but flowers are good for something other than just beautifying the landscape. You can bring them into your kitchen to breathe life into all sorts of dishes, but they especially sing in cocktails.

Just as citrus can wake up the nuance of your favorite spirits, the same can be said of flowers. Infusing flower blossoms into alcohol or simple syrup or investing in a bottle each of orange blossom and rose blossom waters opens up a whole new avenue of flavor for your mixology.

And what better to sip on as the season changes than a floral cocktail? Whether you like them sweet or sour, light on alcohol or martini-style, these recipes will help you bring blossoms and petals into your kitchen.


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