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A Look at the Most Extravagant Royal Wedding Cakes

In case you don’t have the date circled on your calendar in black permanent marker and aren’t counting down the days like the rest of us, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding is a mere two months away. That’s right: May 19. It’s so close, we can almost taste it. And by “it,” we obviously mean the wedding cake

Rumor has it Markle requested a banana cake be served at the wedding — making it the first royal wedding cake made from bananas according to The Telegraph

The couple loves bananas that much. According to an interview with Hello! magazine, former royal chef Darren McGrady said Prince Harry — along with this brother, the Duke of Cambridge — loved banana flan, banana ice cream, “anything with banana, really.”

Now, a banana cake doesn’t sound extravagant by any means, but it is a royal wedding, after all, so you can bet it’ll be far more extravagant than any wedding cake you’ve probably ever seen with your own two eyes.

Unless, of course, you attended the following royal weddings. Feast your eyes on the most over-the-top, stunning wedding cakes that looked almost too good to eat. 

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