A Look at the Most Extravagant Royal Wedding Cakes

by Kristine Cannon
Mar 6, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. ET

In case you don’t have the date circled on your calendar in black permanent marker and aren’t counting down the days like the rest of us, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding is a mere two months away. That’s right: May 19. It’s so close, we can almost taste it. And by “it,” we obviously mean the wedding cake

Rumor has it Markle requested a banana cake be served at the wedding — making it the first royal wedding cake made from bananas according to The Telegraph

The couple loves bananas that much. According to an interview with Hello! magazine, former royal chef Darren McGrady said Prince Harry — along with this brother, the Duke of Cambridge — loved banana flan, banana ice cream, “anything with banana, really.”

Now, a banana cake doesn’t sound extravagant by any means, but it is a royal wedding, after all, so you can bet it’ll be far more extravagant than any wedding cake you’ve probably ever seen with your own two eyes.

Unless, of course, you attended the following royal weddings. Feast your eyes on the most over-the-top, stunning wedding cakes that looked almost too good to eat. 

1 /13: The Queen Mother & King George VI

1/13 :The Queen Mother & King George VI

Tying the knot in April 1923, Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (the Queen Mother) and King George VI served a wedding cake that was a towering 9 feet tall. Weighing a whopping 500 pounds, the cake depicted scenes from their lives and was intricately decorated with armorial bearings of the princess and Lieutenant Mountbatten.

2 /13: Princess Marina of Greece & George, Duke of Kent

2/13 :Princess Marina of Greece & George, Duke of Kent

Draped with garlands of flowers, Princess Marina of Greece and the Duke of Kent’s wedding cake stood 9 feet high with silver pillars. This cake was a truly stunning column-centric work of art decorated with Greek currants. The two wed in November 1934.

3 /13: Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip

3/13 :Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip

At 9 feet tall, Queen Elizabeth II and Philip Mountbatten’s four-tier cake weighed 500 pounds and was covered in cathedral-like carvings, including columns and royal insignias. The cake, served at the wedding in November 1947, was meant to pay homage to the Queen Mother’s wedding cake.

4 /13: Prince Rainier of Monaco & Grace Kelly

4/13 :Prince Rainier of Monaco & Grace Kelly

In the background, you’ll spot Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III’s seven-tiered, 200-pound wedding cake towering over the attendees. The two wed on April 19, 1956.

5 /13: Princess Margaret & Lord Snowdon

5/13 :Princess Margaret & Lord Snowdon

Do you spot the couple’s monogram on the cake? At 5 feet tall and 150 pounds of three massive layers, Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon’s cake also bore the princess’s coat of arms.

6 /13: King Constantine & Princess Anne-Marie

6/13 :King Constantine & Princess Anne-Marie

King Constantine married Princess Anne-Marie, the youngest daughter of Frederik IX of Denmark, in 1964. What’s interesting about their marriage is they had to flee to Rome in exile when the military took control of Greece just three years later.

7 /13: Princess Anne & Captain Mark Phillips

7/13 :Princess Anne & Captain Mark Phillips

Princess Anne, Queen Elizabeth II’s only daughter, married Captain Mark Phillips in 1973. Their cake sports silver tiers and plenty of icing.

8 /13: Queen Noor & Jordan's King Hussein

8/13 :Queen Noor & Jordan's King Hussein

With its lattice design and rose details, Queen Noor and King Hussein of Jordan’s wedding cake is a beauty. Check out the couple cutting it with a sword(!) at their June 1978 wedding.

9 /13: Prince Charles & Princess Diana

9/13 :Prince Charles & Princess Diana

Princess Diana and Prince Charles clearly took a more modern route with the cake at their July 29, 1981, wedding. At more than 5 feet in height and weighing 225 pounds, the cake is much more architectural and geometrical, adorned with the prince and his family’s royal coat of arms as well as the couple’s first initials.

10 /13: Prince Andrew & Sarah Ferguson

10/13 :Prince Andrew & Sarah Ferguson

Prince Andrew and Fergie’s wedding cake sounded like a really sweet treat. The 5-1/2-foot rum-soaked cake at the couple’s July 1986 wedding boasted 15 ingredients, including rum and brandy.

11 /13: Crown Princess Victoria & Daniel Westling

11/13 :Crown Princess Victoria & Daniel Westling

Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria’s decadent cake weighed 550 pounds, complete with 11 tiers in the shape of a four-leaf clover. She and Daniel Westling, a personal trainer, wed in 2010.

12 /13: Prince William & Kate Middleton

12/13 :Prince William & Kate Middleton

We won’t soon forget the April 2011 wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. If you remember, the two’s wedding cake was an eight-tier fruitcake. Yes, a fruitcake, and it was decorated with over 900 floral designs.

13 /13: Prince Albert of Monaco & Charlene Wittstock

13/13 :Prince Albert of Monaco & Charlene Wittstock

Prince Albert of Monaco is Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III’s son. At his and Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock’s wedding in 2011, their wedding cake was one massive pink cake adorned with sparklers.