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Kick-Start Your Day With These Easy Winter Breakfast Ideas

We’ve all heard breakfast is “the most important meal of the day.” It gives you the energy to take on the rest of the day and hopefully keeps you full until lunch. But sometimes, cooking in the morning can be a drag — when you’re too busy to do it right or when you’re not even that psyched about what you’re making. These creative, easy winter breakfast ideas will completely change that.

From broccoli, cheddar and spinach frittatas to a winter citrus-ricotta breakfast bowl, these recipes can be made completely or prepared the night before or are easy enough to whip up quickly in the a.m. Plus, they’re all healthy, well-rounded meals, meaning you no longer have to toss a granola bar in your bag and call it breakfast only to be full-on hangry within an hour.

Ready to start your day right? Click through the slideshow for our favorite 25 easy, healthy winter weekday breakfasts.


Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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