Here Are the Go-To Starbucks Orders of 20 Celebs

by Allie Gemmill
Jan 31, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. ET

Ask anyone who's been inside a Starbucks how easy it is to zero in on the drink you actually want to order, and you may get a chortle or two. That's because unless you're a seasoned Starbucks pro, you're likely going to dither for a moment before you step up to the counter to order your drink.

Starbucks loves to give its customers options, which is great, but it can also be a pain in the butt. How can anyone choose a drink and just roll with it? Who has that kind of confidence?

Well, there's a special group of folks that you can look to for drink-spiration, and they've been hiding in plain sight this whole time: celebrities. That's right, folks. There are plenty of celebs who have made their Starbucks drink choices known to us over the years, and we can steal these time-honored, road-tested faves if we ever need some good ideas for a new Starbucks drink order.

So, what exactly are some of our favorite celebs drinking whenever they visit the ol' Seattle siren? Well, keep clicking and you can find out for yourself.

1 /20: Kim Kardashian West

1/20 :Kim Kardashian West

Kim K revealed she orders a short white chocolate mocha with whipped cream and takes only a few sips. 

2 /20: Christian Bale

2/20 :Christian Bale

Bale apparently opts in for a chai latte whenever he heads to Starbucks.

3/20 :Miley Cyrus

Cyrus loves to have a white mocha from Starbucks, and since she's vegan, she likely orders it with dairy-free milk.

4/20 :Heidi Klum

Klum always goes for a full-fat latte according to Shape magazine.

5 /20: Ben Affleck

5/20 :Ben Affleck

Affleck reportedly loves to keep it simple with an iced coffee

6 /20: Britney Spears

6/20 :Britney Spears

Spears keeps it strong and sugary, reportedly mixing it up with Frappuccinos and iced coffee.

7 /20: Derek Jeter

7/20 :Derek Jeter

Jeter goes all in when he's at Starbucks with a Java Chip Frappuccino.

8 /20: Reese Witherspoon

8/20 :Reese Witherspoon

Witherspoon frequently goes for an almond-flavored soy latte when she's at Starbucks.

9/20 :Ivanka Trump

Trump was spotted in 2017 ordering a simple but classic nonfat vanilla latte with no whip.

10 /20: Taylor Swift

10/20 :Taylor Swift

Swift chooses to double-fist it with an iced Americano and an iced caramel latte, and each gets two Sweet'n Lows. 

11 /20: Nicole Kidman

11/20 :Nicole Kidman

Do as Kidman reportedly loves to do and order a triple grande skim wet cappuccino when you're at Starbucks.

12 /20: Zachary Quinto

12/20 :Zachary Quinto

Quinto's go-to is always a triple soy latte

13/20 :Katy Perry

One tall vanilla soy latte for Katy Perry, please and thank you!

14 /20: Sheryl Crow

14/20 :Sheryl Crow

Crow loves to go with a venti nonfat latte whenever she needs her caffeine fix.

15 /20: Abigail Breslin

15/20 :Abigail Breslin

Breslin goes gaga for pumpkin spice lattes just like rest of us.

16/20 :Ashton Kutcher

Kutcher loves to get an iced caramel macchiato

17 /20: Rachael Ray

17/20 :Rachael Ray

The cooking show icon always goes for a nonfat iced coffee when she heads to Starbucks.

18/20 :Dita Von Teese

The burlesque queen loves her some soy gingerbread latte action when she hits up Starbucks.

19 /20: Ariana Grande

19/20 :Ariana Grande

Hopefully, Grande stays true to her surname when choosing the size for her vanilla bean Frappuccino

20 /20: Chad Michael Murray

20/20 :Chad Michael Murray

Murray apparently loves a seasonal fave, the peppermint white mocha.