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How to DIY Flavored Sparkling Water So You Can Stop Shelling Out for LaCroix

LaCroix has totally taken over the beverage world. It’s the perfect in-between for someone wanting to give up soda but desperate for something a little snazzier than water. It can be used as a flavorful mixer or sipped with lunch, and since it’s sugar and sweetener-free, you won’t have to deal with a sugar buzz in the afternoon.

Still, there are only so many flavors a company can make, and sometimes it’s nice to use your creative energies to come up with something new. That’s why we went searching for some killer flavor combinations to inspire you to make your own. While most of these use fruit and will contain some sugar and calories, they are so darn tasty — and still so much more nutritious than soda — that we’re willing to make the exception.

From a no-added-sweetener orange cream to a sparkling citrus coconut, here are the sparkling water recipes you’re going to be glad to know how to make.

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