The Best Under $5 Buys From Aldi

by Justina Huddleston
Jan 8, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. ET
Aldi buys under $5
Image: Aldi

Every year, I make the same resolution: It's time for me to make and stick to a budget. And every year, when I crunch the numbers, I realize I'm spending way, way too much money on food.

Luckily, this year I discovered Aldi. A European import, Aldi is like a more industrial-feeling Trader Joe's. The grocery store carries items from big national brands, but its own in-house brands are where you can find the best deals.

They have everything from pantry staples like organic extra virgin olive oil and honey to fun snacks like sea salt caramels and exotic root vegetable chips, all for less than you can find at a traditional grocery store. And while no one knows for sure where they source their products from, it's safe to say there's a good chance many of them come from the same national brands you're used to paying a premium for.

If you're shopping on a budget, these under-$5 buys from Aldi can't be beat. You'll still be eating like a queen without putting too big a dent in your purse.

1 /11: SimplyNature Exotic Blend Vegetable Chips

1/11 :SimplyNature Exotic Blend Vegetable Chips

SimplyNature Exotic Blend Vegetable Chips, $3.09 at Aldi

2 /11: SimplyNature Organic Wildflower Honey

2/11 :SimplyNature Organic Wildflower Honey

SimplyNature Organic Wildflower Honey, $3.89 at Aldi

3 /11: Specially Selected Mango Peach Salsa

3/11 :Specially Selected Mango Peach Salsa

Specially Selected Mango Peach Salsa, $2.19 at Aldi

4 /11: Parmesan, Garlic & Herb Pita Chips

4/11 :Parmesan, Garlic & Herb Pita Chips

Specially Selected Parmesan, Garlic & Herb Pita Chips, $2.19 at Aldi

5 /11: SimplyNature Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

5/11 :SimplyNature Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

SimplyNature Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, $4.85 at Aldi

6 /11: LiveGfree Gluten Free Whole Grain Bread

6/11 :LiveGfree Gluten Free Whole Grain Bread

LiveGfree Gluten Free Whole Grain Bread, $4.39 at Aldi

7 /11: Specially Selected Prosciutto Panino

7/11 :Specially Selected Prosciutto Panino

Specially Selected Prosciutto Panino, $4.39 at Aldi

8 /11: Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

8/11 :Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

Specially Selected Dark Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Caramels, $3.29 at Aldi

9 /11: SimplyNature Organic Coconut Oil

9/11 :SimplyNature Organic Coconut Oil

SimplyNature Organic Coconut Oil, $3.99 at Aldi

10 /11: Southwest Chopped Salad Kit

10/11 :Southwest Chopped Salad Kit

Little Salad Bar Southwest Chopped Salad Kit, $2.19 at Aldi

11 /11: Quinoa Crunch Veggie Burger

11/11 :Quinoa Crunch Veggie Burger

Earth Grown Quinoa Crunch Veggie Burger, $3.95 at Aldi