14 Celebrities Share Their Favorite Holiday Foods & Traditions

Dec 22, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. ET
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They’re basically here, folks: the holidays. Whether you’re doing last-minute shopping, prepping your holiday grocery run or just waiting for the moment every public space stops blasting "All I Want for Christmas Is You," the holiday season tends to bring up feelings in all of us. That’s because it’s a time ripe for making traditions.

In that spirit, we’ve been asking celebrities for months what their favorite holiday foods and traditions are. To no one's surprise, Christmas cookies were a big hit. And it’s not just that sugar is a glorious ingredient — it’s also that it offers an opportunity to get our hands dirty with the people we love and make something as part of the holidays.

Other favorite treats included pound cake, applesauce and even meatballs. Check out what Carla Hall, Brittany Snow, Dax Shepard and several other celebrities will be eating, as well as their favorite traditions to celebrate.

1 /14: Dax Shepard

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1/14 :Dax Shepard

2 /14: Allison King

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2/14 :Allison King

3 /14: Lindsey Stirling

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3/14 :Lindsey Stirling

4 /14: Brittany Snow

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4/14 :Brittany Snow

5 /14: Padma Lakshmi

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5/14 :Padma Lakshmi

6 /14: Carla Hall

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6/14 :Carla Hall

7 /14: Joey Lawrence

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7/14 :Joey Lawrence

8 /14: Tiffani Thiessen

8/14 :Tiffani Thiessen

9 /14: Alison Sweeney

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9/14 :Alison Sweeney

10 /14: Iliza

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10/14 :Iliza

11 /14: Jessica Meraz

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11/14 :Jessica Meraz

12 /14: Jessica Morris

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12/14 :Jessica Morris

13 /14: Justin Hartley

Image: WENN

13/14 :Justin Hartley

14 /14: Denise Boutte

Image: Birdie Thompson

14/14 :Denise Boutte