12 Recipes You'll Want to Save for Your Post-Holiday Detox

by Justina Huddleston
Dec 14, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. ET

After the holidays, when I've been stuffing myself silly in a sugar-laden cookie-bingeing free-for-all, I suddenly remember vegetables are good for me. As the New Year's Champagne makes its way out of my system, I usually find myself actually starting to crave all the foods my body has been deprived of in the past month, and that's when I realize it's time for a detox.

I'm not talking about a cleanse or any other sort of fad diet. But just by simply focusing on eating a lot more nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich foods, I can feel my body recovering from my very enjoyable break from sensible eating. It's all about balance, right?

These recipes are perfect for getting you back on track after the holidays. Filled with a rainbow of veggies and lean, clean proteins, these are just the kinds of meals you'll want to eat to keep your immune system strong and your body feeling its best.

1 /12: Bok choy salad with persimmon

1/12 :Bok choy salad with persimmon

When you get bored of all that kale, try this bok choy and persimmon salad on for size. 

2 /12: Kale, tofu & pomegranate stir-fry

2/12 :Kale, tofu & pomegranate stir-fry

Sweet potato noodles and pan-fried tofu make this stir-fry extra satisfying.

3 /12: Lemon-turmeric chicken soup

3/12 :Lemon-turmeric chicken soup

Mustard greens and turmeric add a potent dose of anti-inflammatory nutrients to this lemon chicken soup.

4 /12: Lemon-garlic roast chicken

4/12 :Lemon-garlic roast chicken

Served with a rainbow of roasted root veggies, this chicken is loaded with garlic and lemon. 

5 /12: Steamed asparagus with lemon

5/12 :Steamed asparagus with lemon

Sometimes the simplest dishes are the best, like tender steamed asparagus topped with lemon zest and olive oil.

6 /12: Ginger-lemongrass-poached veggies

6/12 :Ginger-lemongrass-poached veggies

Tender and infused with lemongrass and ginger, these veggies will soothe your soul and replenish your body. 

7 /12: Veggie reset soup

7/12 :Veggie reset soup

A colorful medley of veggies and beans is just what your body craves after a fun season of indulgence. 

8 /12: White beans & spinach

8/12 :White beans & spinach

Frozen spinach and canned beans come together to make this super-healthy meal, full of fiber and vitamins.

9 /12: Garlic, lemon & chili kale

9/12 :Garlic, lemon & chili kale

Hearty green kale is enlivened by spicy chilies, garlic and lemon juice to make this nutritious dish

10 /12: Tofu poke bowl

10/12 :Tofu poke bowl

Fruits, veggies and quinoa, oh, my! This vegan poke bowl is packed with goodness. 

11 /12: Winter greens pasta

11/12 :Winter greens pasta

One look at this green and vibrant dish and you know it's a better option than most pastas out there. 

12 /12: Green beans almondine with onion & lemon

12/12 :Green beans almondine with onion & lemon

Crisp-tender, vibrant green beans are tossed with onions, almonds and lemon zest to make this nutritious side.