12 Savory Monkey Breads to Try This Holiday Season

by Colleen Stinchcombe
Dec 8, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. ET

We love the holidays, but sometimes, it can be hard to get away from the endless sweets around. Cookies and candy canes, cinnamon buns and pies — even the popcorn ends up being caramelized or coated in sugar. Monkey bread is no exception — we tend to find it doused in syrups and sweeteners.

As much as we love the sweet stuff, sometimes your blood sugar needs a break, which is why we’ve rounded up some delicious savory monkey bread recipes. Monkey bread is an awesome dish to have around the holidays because it’s tasty and easy to share and doesn’t require a dozen pans to make. It’s also something the kids (or, hey, Granddad) can help prepare.

From garlic-Parmesan to chicken ranch to a bacon-egg breakfast bread, you’ll find a savory monkey bread recipe for pretty much every hour of the holiday season. So click through to check out some of the best savory monkey bread recipes the internet has to offer. 

1 /12: Multi-flavor incredible monkey bread

1/12 :Multi-flavor incredible monkey bread

Poppyseeds, cheddar — this monkey bread has a little bit of everything.

2 /12: Garlic-Parmesan monkey bread

2/12 :Garlic-Parmesan monkey bread

Classic garlic and Parmesan monkey bread will delight everyone at the table.

3 /12: Chicken ranch monkey bread

3/12 :Chicken ranch monkey bread

Few flavors go better together than chicken and ranch, especially in a monkey bread.

4 /12: Jalapeño-cheddar pull-apart bread

4/12 :Jalapeño-cheddar pull-apart bread

Add a little spice to your monkey bread with this jalapeño-cheddar recipe.

5 /12: Pesto monkey bread

5/12 :Pesto monkey bread

Dip this pesto monkey bread in marinara for a delicious treat.

6 /12: Tomato-herb pull-apart bread

6/12 :Tomato-herb pull-apart bread

We love the rustic flavor combination of tomato and herb in this recipe.

7 /12: Cranberry-parsley-cheese monkey bread

7/12 :Cranberry-parsley-cheese monkey bread

Cranberries, parsley and cheddar make this monkey bread truly unique.

8 /12: Bacon, egg & cheese monkey bread

8/12 :Bacon, egg & cheese monkey bread

This bacon, egg and cheese monkey bread makes an excellent group breakfast.

9 /12: Cheese-onion monkey bread

9/12 :Cheese-onion monkey bread

This savory cheese and onion monkey bread will make the whole house smell delicious.

10 /12: Jalapeño popper monkey bread

10/12 :Jalapeño popper monkey bread

If you love jalapeño poppers, you'll love this monkey bread.

11 /12: Ham & Swiss monkey bread

11/12 :Ham & Swiss monkey bread

This ham and Swiss monkey bread combo is way better than a sandwich.

12 /12: Pretzel monkey bread

12/12 :Pretzel monkey bread

Tackle your pretzel craving with this monkey bread recipe.