27 Celebrities on Their Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes

by Jason Pham
Nov 22, 2017 at 2:42 p.m. ET

With frozen turkeys and pumpkin pies slowly creeping their way into our grocery stores, you don’t need another reminder that Thanksgiving is coming. And though the holiday is filled with tons of family fun and fall activities, let’s face it: What we’re really excited for is the food.

And as much as we’d like to imagine celebrity Thanksgiving dinners consisting of gold-crusted turkeys and five-star meals, their holidays don’t look too different from ours. Whether you’re an A-lister or a mere plebe like us, the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, and Thanksgiving is the best way to get right in there. If you think you love Thanksgiving food, wait until you hear from stars like Gigi Hadid, Sarah Jessica Parker and Nicki Minaj, who are the real Thanksgiving stans. Check out 27 celebrities’ favorite Thanksgiving dishes ahead.


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1 /27: Jessica Alba

1/27 :Jessica Alba

"I like to cook it all! I like turkey; I like stuffing; I like candied yams — I like it all!" (InStyle)

2 /27: Nicki Minaj

2/27 :Nicki Minaj

"It depends on if it's an American Thanksgiving, then I'd love some collard greens, some mac and cheese, stuffing and turkey. But if it's a Trini[dadian] Thanksgiving, then I want the same thing I always want, which is curry chicken, roti, oxtails. The same old thing that we always eat." (The Boom Box)

3 /27: Camila Cabello

3/27 :Camila Cabello

"I'm Cuban! We don't follow the rules. I like turkey." (The X Factor)

4 /27: Gigi Hadid

4/27 :Gigi Hadid

"My dad does really good stuffing and all of the meat, and my mom is the best for buttered carrots and cranberry Jell-O, or whatever you call it." (Harper's Bazaar)

5 /27: Kelly Rowland

5/27 :Kelly Rowland

"It would probably be my Mama T's [Beyoncé's mom, Tina Lawson], she makes truffle macaroni and cheese that's pretty sensational." (Access Hollywood)

6 /27: Emma Roberts

6/27 :Emma Roberts

"On Thanksgiving we always just have a big feast. Stuffing is my favorite food in the world! I actually have been known to go buy stuffing and make it in the middle of summer." (Us Weekly)

7 /27: Kristen Bell

7/27 :Kristen Bell

"Tofurkey. It's a faux turkey that my parents always made for me because I've always been a vegetarian. It's awesome. It's so great. You'll have to try it!" (InStyle)

8 /27: Katie Holmes

8/27 :Katie Holmes

“My mom started a tradition where she makes these amazing pumpkin bars — almost like a pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting, but it’s not too spicy. In my family, we travel so much and we’re constantly living in hotels, so my daughter and I have been in the living room of the hotel with powdered sugar going everywhere making this to keep up the tradition. They’re really gooey and moist.” (Access Hollywood)

9 /27: Tinashe

9/27 :Tinashe

"I'm a massive mashed potatoes fan through and through. I think that's the hero. If there are no mashed potatoes at your Thanksgiving, what are you doing?" (Hip Hollywood)

10 /27: Tina Fey

10/27 :Tina Fey

"Eating my husband's corn bread stuffing!" (Good Housekeeping)

11 /27: Jake Gyllenhaal

11/27 :Jake Gyllenhaal

“My mom makes this crazy cucumber salad.” (Extra)

12 /27: Brandy

12/27 :Brandy

"I love the dressing. They call it stuffing. I love my mom's dressing, and I love it with sweet potato pie. Dressing and sweet potato pie together. It's good! Trust me, I have the strangest taste buds in town and if I say it's good to me, it's gon' be good to all! It may have to just be my mom's though, my mom's sweet potato pie and dressing. I don't know that it works for everybody but my mom's sweet potato pie and dressing together? It's amazing!" (The Boom Box)

13 /27: Tamera Mowry

13/27 :Tamera Mowry

"I have been making my garlic mashed potatoes for about 10 years. And everyone loves them because I put real butter in it and whip it up with some milk. I'm telling my secret. I can't tell my secret." (Hip Hollywood)

14 /27: Serayah

14/27 :Serayah

"I am a greens freak. That's me. I get everything at first and then I go back for the greens because Grandma's greens — there's nothing better than Grandma's greens." (Global Grind TV)

15 /27: Justin Bieber

15/27 :Justin Bieber

“Everything! My mom’s the best!” (HollywoodLife)

16 /27: Sarah Jessica Parker

16/27 :Sarah Jessica Parker

Parker's favorite is pumpkin pie from New York's Little Pie Company. She's been ordering them for 10 or 15 years and typically orders so many her family "can't fit them anywhere."

“We put them on the floor of the laundry room or in the back of a minivan where it’s cold. We put them outside because they don’t fit in the fridge, and we eat the pies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My daughter, Tabitha, goes crazy for them.” (People)

17 /27: Retta

17/27 :Retta

"My favorite thing is my mom's mashed potatoes. They're obscene. There's butter, evaporated milk, cream cheese, something called whipping cream...Ob. Scene. We usually have between 20-30 peeps for Thanksgiving so mom makes a lot to satisfy all tastes: Turkey, baked chicken, ham, crab-stuffed red snapper (Dad only eats fish on the big holidays—I have no explanation for it). One year a cousin brought some random dude. They were so late, we were starving by the time we finally sat down to eat. The random dude insisted on saying grace. He prayed for about 7 minutes and then proceeded to eat the entire tray of Red Snapper. Ever since then, my mom prepares two red snappers so my dad isn't forced to choke someone out at Thanksgiving." (Paper)

18 /27: Rebecca Romijn

18/27 :Rebecca Romijn

"Sweet potatoes with gravy. I love a flavor combination so sweet potatoes with gravy, a bite of turkey, and a little bit of cranberry." (Yahoo)

19 /27: Rashida Jones

19/27 :Rashida Jones

"Stuffing! We have this incredible, really old recipe in my family that makes me come home no matter where I am. I'll eat stuffing past the point where it's comfortable just because it so tastes so good." (InStyle)

20 /27: Laura Prepon

20/27 :Laura Prepon

"My mom's candied yams...She's like a gourmet chef, so she's amazing. She has these little mini marshmallows that are roasted on the top that are so good. And you know what the key is about a turkey? Deep-frying it. It's so yummy. It's the way to go." (InStyle)

21 /27: Jennifer Garner

21/27 :Jennifer Garner

"We always make my Grandmother Exie’s sweet potato pudding with marshmallows roasted on top. It is sweet and gooey and hardly even counts as a vegetable by the time we’re through but it is our family’s big-time, forever tradition." (Modern Mom)

22 /27: Jeannie Mai

22/27 :Jeannie Mai

"Because I'm Vietnamese, we like to incorporate Asian dishes into it. We make turkey dumplings. We make turkey and duck spring rolls. We have a lot of Asian food along with a lot of American dishes because the kids are American." (Hip Hollywood)

23 /27: Holly Hunter

23/27 :Holly Hunter

"I love them all! Why only choose one? OK, if I have to, it's stuffing." (InStyle)

24 /27: Glenn Close

24/27 :Glenn Close

"Stuffing with gravy on it." (InStyle)

25 /27: Cynthia Rowley

25/27 :Cynthia Rowley

"I've been making barbecued turkey. You buy a barbecued turkey — it's precooked and barbecued and it's just delicious. You can stuff it with a more exotic, sweet stuffing with the barbecued turkey." (InStyle)

26 /27: Ali Larter

26/27 :Ali Larter

"I love the stuffing. More, more, more!" (InStyle)

27 /27: Adrienne Bailon

27/27 :Adrienne Bailon

"Usually, at home, I do a baked macaroni and cheese, and I'm going to do actually the two dishes that I won with on a show. It was broccoli and chicken mixed. The second one was a shredded steak empanadas." (Hip Hollywood)