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The 12 Best Limited-Edition Holiday Treats Available Now

There are plenty of reasons to love the holidays. You know, family togetherness, sweater weather, gift giving. But a big reason? The food. And I don’t just mean the turkey and mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables. I mean the seasonal, get-it-while-you-can treats that line the end cap shelves at the grocery stores. Pumpkin (don’t @ me) galore. Your favorite chips gone chocolaty. Your favorite ice cream now in eggnog flavor. Peppermint everything. Cranberries ’til you drop. They’re just as much a part of the season as loops of Christmas jingles and twinkly lights.

If you tend to stick to your favorite stores, you may miss out on some of these products. We don’t want that to happen! We’re rounding up the best limited-edition holiday treats available now. These treats roll out through the season, so there are sure to be more to come, but here are the favorites we’ve seen so far.

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