15 Holiday Baking Championship Recipes to Try This Holiday Season

by Julie Sprankles
Nov 23, 2017 at 12:00 p.m. ET

I don’t know about you, but when the holidays roll around, I just want to binge-watch holiday programs and bake up a storm. Of course, there will always be those traditional holiday recipes we all turn to this time of year. But it’s always fun to add a few festive new recipes to the mix, am I right?

Enter Food Network’s Holiday Baking Championship. Not only is this merry little culinary competition fantastic for picking up kitchen tricks, but it’s also a rich source of fresh holiday fare. Sure, some of it is a bit complex for the baking beginner. However, there are novel twists on holiday classics in equal measure.

From a pumpkin pie topped with rum cheesecake to a cake filled with butternut squash pudding, there’s plenty of inspiration to get you through your holiday baking craze. Here are the recipes I can’t wait to try in my own kitchen this year (albeit sans the watchful eyes of judges Duff Goldman, Lorraine Pascale and Nancy Fuller).

1 /15: Santa's hat peppermint scones

1/15 :Santa's hat peppermint scones

Crushed candy canes on top and peppermint oil in the white chocolate ganache make this treat merrily minty.

2 /15: Triple spice creme brulee

2/15 :Triple spice creme brulee

Cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg give this crème brûlée a tasty (and fragrant!) holiday twist. 

3 /15: Chocolate beet cake

3/15 :Chocolate beet cake

The 2 cups of beets cleverly hidden in this cake offer a beautiful boost in nutrients and color (sans beet taste).

4 /15: Apple, pear & cranberry crisp

4/15 :Apple, pear & cranberry crisp

If the festive fruit blend doesn't make you crave this crisp, the toffee pecans and cinnamon ice cream surely will.

5 /15: White chocolate, pear & fig morning bread

5/15 :White chocolate, pear & fig morning bread

Looking for that perfect post-Thanksgiving or Christmas breakfast? Try this tasty morning bread

6 /15: Cranberry meringue pie

6/15 :Cranberry meringue pie

Brandied cranberry sauce topped with toasty meringue in pie form is the stuff holiday food dreams are made of. 

7 /15: Pilgrim whoopie pie

7/15 :Pilgrim whoopie pie

Could these crafty pilgrim whoopie cakes be any cuter or more perfect for the holidays? 

8 /15: Roasted butternut squash pudding cake

8/15 :Roasted butternut squash pudding cake

Roasted butternut squash, marshmallow meringue, pecan rum cake syrup... drooling over this cake yet?

9 /15: Orange-rosemary cookies

9/15 :Orange-rosemary cookies

Fresh rosemary and an orange glaze elevate these soft and buttery cookies

10 /15: Gingersnap ice cream sandwich

10/15 :Gingersnap ice cream sandwich

Ditch the stale gingerbread house in favor of gingersnap cookies stacked with ginger-vanilla ice cream.

11 /15: First snow cherry pie

11/15 :First snow cherry pie

Snowflake sugar cookies on top balance the tartness of this pie's cherry and cranberry filling.

12 /15: Molasses crackle cookies

12/15 :Molasses crackle cookies

When a cookie is described as chewy, spicy and heavenly, you know it's gonna be a holiday home run. 

13 /15: Candied walnut mousse

13/15 :Candied walnut mousse

This candied walnut mousse is served on a gingerbread platter in a gingerbread bowl, y'all. Enough said? 

14 /15: Sugar cookies with orange-cinnamon icing

14/15 :Sugar cookies with orange-cinnamon icing

Sugar cookies in the shape of snowflakes (with orange-cinnamon icing to boot!) would warm any wintery heart.

15 /15: Pumpkin cream pie

15/15 :Pumpkin cream pie

This fresh spin on pumpkin pie sits on a graham cracker crust and is topped with rum cheesecake. Y-U-M.