10 Holiday Desserts Your Kids Can Totally Help Make

by Justina Huddleston
Dec 18, 2017 at 4:30 p.m. ET

Some of my fondest holiday memories took place in the kitchen with my mom and grandma. My mom never loved baking, but every Christmas, she dutifully got out the cookie cutters and rolling pin so we could make epic gingerbread houses and thumbprint cookies. The treats themselves were delicious, but what made them so tasty was that my sister and I had a part in making them. There were a lot of wonky iced sugar cookies and gingerbread people who had missing limbs at the end, but my mom would still proudly set out our goodies whenever company was over and compliment her little sous chefs, to our delight. 

This holiday season, why not start a festive cooking tradition with the kids in your life? These recipes are easy enough for kids to help with and yummy enough to earn a rightful place at the dessert table of a celebratory feast. 

This post was sponsored by HERSHEY'S KISSES brand.

1 /10: Snowflake sugar cookies

1/10 :Snowflake sugar cookies

From cutting out the dough to drizzling on icing, kids can help every step of the way with these treats

2 /10: Reindeer cookies

2/10 :Reindeer cookies

Kids will get a kick out of making each one of these cookies look like a reindeer.

3 /10: Mini glazed pumpkin scones

3/10 :Mini glazed pumpkin scones

These mini pumpkin scones are pint-sized. Give your kids the honor of decorating them with icing.

4 /10: Chocolate KISSES Christmas cookies

4/10 :Chocolate KISSES Christmas cookies

Your kids can place the HERSHEY'S KISSES chocolate atop each of these cookies.

5 /10: Maple pecan tea cookies

5/10 :Maple pecan tea cookies

Sometimes the most fun tasks get a little messy, like rolling these cookies in fluffy powdered sugar.

6 /10: Christmas wreath cookies

6/10 :Christmas wreath cookies

From stirring the marshmallow-cereal mix to adding the cinnamon candies, kids will love making these treats.

7 /10: Gingerbread cookies

7/10 :Gingerbread cookies

Kids can help roll out this cookie dough, but the real fun is in decorating the cookies once baked.

8 /10: KISSES chocolate cake mix cookies

8/10 :KISSES chocolate cake mix cookies

Made with chocolate cake mix and HERSHEY'S KISSES candies, these cookies are easy enough for chidren to help with.

9 /10: Iced paleo cookie cut-outs

9/10 :Iced paleo cookie cut-outs

Since they're gluten-free, kids can mix this cookie dough as long as they want without risking toughness. 

10 /10: Grain-free gingerbread balls

10/10 :Grain-free gingerbread balls

Get your kids to help you roll these no-bake gingerbread balls