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Crazy Food Trends Taking Over Los Angeles

Los Angeles has a lot of things — a lot of traffic, a lot of crowds, a lot of dreams and best of all, a lot of food. And when I say a lot, I mean it’s kind of ridiculous the amount and varieties of food that are offered in LaLa Land. It makes things pretty difficult for an indecisive gal like me.

But food isn’t just food in LA, either; it’s art. Chefs and restaurants are forced to up their game and think outside the box if they want any hope of staying open in such a competitive market. At the very least, they have to do it for the ‘grams. Because if your new, creative, vibrant, strange concoction goes viral on the internet, that spells future success. If you didn’t post your meal on Instagram, did it even really happen? Many Angelenos will tell you it did not.

So, here it is — a roundup of the craziest food trends taking over Los Angeles right now. Hey, maybe you can reinvent the wheel and bring these divine creations to your own hometown. (Warning: After clicking through this slideshow, you’re going to be hungry).

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