Crazy Food Trends Taking Over Los Angeles

by Lauren Kelly
Nov 15, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. ET

Los Angeles has a lot of things — a lot of traffic, a lot of crowds, a lot of dreams and best of all, a lot of food. And when I say a lot, I mean it's kind of ridiculous the amount and varieties of food that are offered in LaLa Land. It makes things pretty difficult for an indecisive gal like me.

But food isn't just food in LA, either; it's art. Chefs and restaurants are forced to up their game and think outside the box if they want any hope of staying open in such a competitive market. At the very least, they have to do it for the 'grams. Because if your new, creative, vibrant, strange concoction goes viral on the internet, that spells future success. If you didn't post your meal on Instagram, did it even really happen? Many Angelenos will tell you it did not.

So, here it is — a roundup of the craziest food trends taking over Los Angeles right now. Hey, maybe you can reinvent the wheel and bring these divine creations to your own hometown. (Warning: After clicking through this slideshow, you're going to be hungry).

1 /20: Poke burger

1/20 :Poke burger

Regular ol' poke in a bowl is good, but not good enough. Now, LA is serving up poke on a brioche bun, because #extra.

Where to find it: Okipoki — they have a couple of locations

2 /20: Japanese mochi meets Hawaiian shaved ice

2/20 :Japanese mochi meets Hawaiian shaved ice

This dessert is what our sugar-high dreams are made. But it's made with natural fruits and homemade syrups, so it's healthy, right?

Where to find it: Chichi dango can only be tasted at Smorgasburg, LA's weekly market. 

3 /20: Ice cream-stuffed chimney cakes

3/20 :Ice cream-stuffed chimney cakes

Behold, a barbecued dessert. Originally a popular Hungarian street snack, the chimney cake is seriously addictive.

Where to find it: Sweet n' Hollow can be found at various events and markets around LA, or you can invite them to cook these delicious delights at your next gathering. 

4/20 :Elote

Angelenos can't eat ordinary corn on the cob — it's got to be covered in mayo, queso chile and hot Cheeto dust.
Where to find it: These babies can be found at Paraiso Juice Bar in La Mirada.

5 /20: Matcha parfait

5/20 :Matcha parfait

I'll take a parfait smothered in matcha with matcha cubes — thank you very much. 

Where to find it: Grab one at Shuhari Matcha Café in Venice Beach or Kansha Creamery in Torrance.

6 /20: Eggettes with ice cream

6/20 :Eggettes with ice cream

This insane dessert is made of a Hong Kong egg waffle — crispy on the outside, soft on the inside — and ice cream. And as pictured, a unicorn.

Where to find it: Yellow Business is serving up these magical treats at Smorgasburg every Sunday. 

7/20 :Phorrito

We like pho. We like burritos. So naturally, we have to have phorritos. 

Where to find it: Komodo Food has two locations — one in Venice and one in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood but you can also order a bunch of phorritos for delivery.

8 /20: Charcoal ice cream

8/20 :Charcoal ice cream

Charcoal is a potent detoxifier, and now Angelenos are consuming it in ice cream form.

Where to find it: Get this quote-unquote healthy treat at Drips & Swirls in Koreatown, open Tuesday through Sunday. 

9/20 :Boba

Our boba tea can't just taste good, it has to look good too. Thank goodness for rainbow boba tea.

Where to find it: Rainbow boba is being served up in Koreatown at Gong Cha USA

10/20 :Cheeto everything

Cheeto pizzaCheeto-wrapped poke burritosmac 'n' Cheeto — and yes — Cheeto cookies. We just really love our Cheetos, OK?

Where to find it: Like I said, Cheeto-covered food is being served up all over LA, but you kind find the items pictured at  Ameci Pizza Kitchen, The Attic on Broadway, OkiPoki and Cookie Good.

11 /20: Mexican pastries

11/20 :Mexican pastries

Pictured — a traditional Mexican pastry with two scoops of horchata ice cream, cajeta drizzle and walnuts. Hungry yet?

Where to find it: At Horchateria Rio Luna in Paramount. They're open Monday through Sunday, so you can have one every day of the week. 

12 /20: Chicken waffle cone

12/20 :Chicken waffle cone

Everything is better in a cone, even chicken and waffles. 

Where to find it: Get your cone at Baldoria Bar + Kitchen in Little Tokyo. 

13 /20: Doughnut ice cream sandwiches

13/20 :Doughnut ice cream sandwiches

We may have a problem with self-control — these ice cream-filled doughnuts are a very real thing in LA. Only on cheat days, though. 

Where to find it: Donut Friend is located near Highland Park and attends Smorgasburg every Sunday. 

14 /20: Juice in a lightbulb

14/20 :Juice in a lightbulb

Who wants to drink juice out of a bottle? That was so 2016. We drink our juice out of a lightbulb. #DoItForTheGram

Where to find it: This is obviously happening in Santa Monica. Grab your lightbulb from Chomp Eatery and head to the beach.

15/20 :Ube

Ube is taking LA by storm. It's delicious and kind of healthy (at least that's what we tell ourselves) because it's made of yams.

Where to find it: B Sweet Dessert Bar has so many Ube concoctions. Go with friends and try them all. They're located in West LA. 

16 /20: Rainbow grilled cheese

16/20 :Rainbow grilled cheese

No caption should even be needed. This is a rainbow grilled cheese. It's amazing. The end.

Where to find it: This colorful cheese sandwich is waiting for you at Chomp Eatery in Santa Monica. 

17 /20: Raindrop cake

17/20 :Raindrop cake

You've likely seen the raindrop cake on Facebook — well, we're eating it here in LA, but we call it the crystal kinako. Don't ask me why. 

Where to find it: Taste the melt-in-your-mouth jello at Kimukatsu in West L.A. 

18 /20: Rose ice cream

18/20 :Rose ice cream

Sometimes our desserts are so pretty, we don't even want to eat them, but don't worry; we do. 

Where to find it: Cauldron Ice Cream in Santa Ana serves these edible roses late into the night.

19 /20: Cinnamon roll-stuffed doughnut

19/20 :Cinnamon roll-stuffed doughnut

Who just wants a regular doughnut when you can have a doughnut birthing a cinnamon roll?!

Where to find it: Indulge your taste buds at Catch in West Hollywood. 

20/20 :Fancy tea

Even our tea has to be pretty. This Thai tea is topped with whipped cream, chocolate, pocky and wafers.

Where to find it: American Tea Room has the best drinks and locations in Beverly Hills, Downtown and Newport Beach.