19 Gifts for People Who Really Love Cheese

by Colleen Stinchcombe
Nov 16, 2017 at 12:00 p.m. ET

Once I met a person who didn’t like cheese. Once. Pretty much everyone else I know who isn’t vegan or lactose intolerant (and even then, still) loves cheese. It’s a food that brings people from all different backgrounds, walks of life, political leanings together. You might even argue we should have a song called “Give Cheese a Chance,” except all of us already have, and we have agreed cheese is wonderful.

So maybe you use these gifts for your own cheesy wish list inspiration. Or maybe you have a friend whose love for cheese goes beyond what we mere mortals experience. They’re always bringing cheese to the potluck, snack time is cheese, lunch is cheese. They even find a way to incorporate cheese into breakfast too.

If you love cheese, it’s safe to say you’ll love everything on this list. From fondu accessories to cheesy puns to a pullover sweater that’s just too Gouda too be true (ahem), it’s hard not to want every last one of these cheesy gifts. Unless you already own them, of course.

1 /19: Cheese pullover

1/19 :Cheese pullover

If You Can Read This Bring Me Cheese pullover, $35 at Human

2 /19: Cheese grater

2/19 :Cheese grater

Zyliss classic cheese grater, $15 at Amazon

3 /19: Mac & cheese scarf

3/19 :Mac & cheese scarf

Mac and cheese infinity scarf, $32 at twostringjane/Etsy

4 /19: Cheese tote bag

4/19 :Cheese tote bag

Cheese tote bag, $14 at Threadless

5 /19: Cheese apron

5/19 :Cheese apron

Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese apron, $20 at Amazon

6 /19: Personal fondue mugs

6/19 :Personal fondue mugs

Personal fondue mugs, $15 at Amazon

7 /19: Snoopy & Woodstock grilled cheese maker

7/19 :Snoopy & Woodstock grilled cheese maker

Smart Planet Peanuts grilled cheese maker, $20 at Amazon

8 /19: Cheese plate wine holder

8/19 :Cheese plate wine holder

Fred Swiss Dish cheese slice party plates, $24 on Amazon

9 /19: Be Grateful print

9/19 :Be Grateful print

Be Grateful print, $5 at ClaresPrintables/Etsy

10 /19: Enamel cheese knives

10/19 :Enamel cheese knives

Enamel cheese knives, $17 at Pottery Barn

11 /19: I [Heart] Cheese pillow

11/19 :I [Heart] Cheese pillow

I [Heart] Cheese pillow, $24 at Society6

12 /19: Cheese of the Month Club

12/19 :Cheese of the Month Club

Monthly subscription, $35 at Cheese of the Month Club

13 /19: Queso mug

13/19 :Queso mug

This Is Probably Queso mug, $19 at Human

14 /19: Mozzarella cheese-making kit

14/19 :Mozzarella cheese-making kit

Mozzarella cheese-making kit, $23 at Sur La Table

15 /19: Cheese art

15/19 :Cheese art

Cheese typography print, $12 at SimpleSerene/Etsy

16 /19: Cheese necklace

16/19 :Cheese necklace

Cheese necklace, $10 at BeautizJewelry/Etsy

17 /19: Cheese earrings

17/19 :Cheese earrings

Cheese earring studs, $10 at ObsessoriesLA/Etsy

18 /19: Grilled cheese diary

18/19 :Grilled cheese diary

Grilled cheese diary, $7 on HelloBrideLLC/Etsy

19 /19: Mac & cheese socks

19/19 :Mac & cheese socks

Mac and cheese socks, $8 at Urban Outfitters