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9 New Ways to Serve Up Green Beans This Thanksgiving (Hint: No Casseroles Necessary)

Everyone knows sides reign supreme on Thanksgiving. Yes, the turkey is an integral part of the meal but let’s get real — we’re here for the creamy mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce and of course, the gravy (which I consider a side in its own right). And since the sides are of vital importance, the pressure is on to get things right. This is not the time for your aunt to experiment with her cranberry sauce or your brother to make a gluten-free stuffing. This is the time for tried and true classics, with bonus points for an Ina Garten-approved recipe.

Green beans, an often-overlooked side, are an important part of the feast. They add much-needed color and contrast to an otherwise beige plate. They’re also a pretty versatile veggie — you can grill them, serve them raw with a tangy vinaigrette or even wrap them with bacon and serve them as an appetizer. Don’t let a mushy casserole ruin your Thanksgiving dinner — try one of these delicious green bean recipes and let your sides take center stage this year.

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