11 Recipes to Feed Large Family Gatherings

by Justina Huddleston
Dec 18, 2017 at 2:30 p.m. ET

There's nothing better than having the friends come together, whether it's for the holidays, a reunion or just because. And when it comes time to feed everyone who's in town — well, that's when things can get a little stressful. But they don't have to be! Instead of worrying about making some sort of gourmet meal, focus on what's always a hit: cozy, simple comfort food.

Casseroles always fit the bill, whether you opt for something meaty or cheesy. And the slow cooker and Instant Pot are definitely your friends when it comes to preparing big batch meals; the slow cooker makes it easy to plan ahead, while the Instant Pot is there when you need to cook up a whole lot of food in a hurry.

Whatever the occasion, there's nothing more special than sharing a meal surrounded by friend and family. These tasty recipes help ensure that you'll spend more time talking and laughing with your loved ones and less time stressed out by the stove.

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1 /11: Instant Pot gumbo

1/11 :Instant Pot gumbo

Spicy and satisfying, this hearty gumbo easily feeds a crowd. 

2 /11: Grilled steak fajitas

2/11 :Grilled steak fajitas

Grill up a large skirt steak, then set up a DIY fajita bar for your guests.

3 /11: Rustic skillet shepherd's pie

3/11 :Rustic skillet shepherd's pie

Feed a hungry group in no time with this recipe for rustic skillet shepherd's pie

4 /11: Big batch creamy chicken casserole

4/11 :Big batch creamy chicken casserole

Made with chicken and mushrooms, this creamy casserole will fill the whole family right up. 

5 /11: Pumpkin stuffed shells

5/11 :Pumpkin stuffed shells

Creamy pumpkin stuffed shells are a delicious twist on a classic Italian favorite. 

6 /11: Pressed muffuletta sandwich

6/11 :Pressed muffuletta sandwich

These massive pressed sandwiches feed a ton of people, and best of all, they can be made ahead of time. 

7 /11: Slow-cooked steak Diane casserole

7/11 :Slow-cooked steak Diane casserole

An inexpensive cut of beef gets tender and luxurious in this slow-cooked steak Diane recipe.

8 /11: Slow cooker turkey chili

8/11 :Slow cooker turkey chili

The slow cooker takes the work out of this warming turkey chili

9 /11: Hearty beef goulash

9/11 :Hearty beef goulash

Beefy and rich with tomatoes, this hearty goulash can feed a crowd of even the most picky eaters.

10 /11: Easy cheesy ground beef casserole

10/11 :Easy cheesy ground beef casserole

Packed with noodles, this cheesy beef casserole can be made ahead of time and frozen until you have guests.

11 /11: Spicy Italian chicken casserole

11/11 :Spicy Italian chicken casserole

Crispy chicken thighs in a sauce of tomatoes, bell pepper, and salty capers make a delicious, filling meal.