10 Macaroni Soup Recipes to Keep You Warm This Winter

by Justina Huddleston
Dec 20, 2017 at 2:30 p.m. ET

Soup is a go-to meal for my family in the colder months. It's easy to make — just add your ingredients to a big pot and cook — and it's a meal full of possibility. But the one thing our soups always have is macaroni, which helps a simple bowl of the stuff fill us right up. Between spooning up the slippery noodles and slurping down the flavorful broth, most of the time, I don't even realize how many veggies I'm getting in each serving, whether they're high-quality Red Gold whole plum tomatoes or some hearty chopped winter greens. 

You can make super-creamy soups, perfect for the coldest days of winter, or light and brothy soups full of vegetables, great for eating in the days following heavy holiday meals or when you're feeling under the weather. Use these recipes as a guideline, but don't be afraid to experiment — whether you're adding extra macaroni, tomatoes, cheese or meat, you're sure to have a comfort food hit on your hands. If you're going with tomatoes, you should know that Red Gold won the Epicurious award for Best Canned Tomatoes. And for good reason: They're delicious.

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1 /10: Cheeseburger macaroni veggie soup

1/10 :Cheeseburger macaroni veggie soup

There's no chance you'll leave the table hungry after a helping of this soup.

2 /10: Italian wedding soup

2/10 :Italian wedding soup

Cheesy meatballs and robust kale add body to this drool-worthy soup. 

3 /10: Minestrone with macaroni

3/10 :Minestrone with macaroni

Red Gold Tomatoes knows the real secret to an incredible minestrone is quality tomatoes, which is why this recipe features their basil, garlic & oregano tomatoes.

4 /10: Hearty tomato soup with macaroni

4/10 :Hearty tomato soup with macaroni

Add macaroni to your homemade tomato soup to turn it from a side dish into a main meal.

5 /10: Turkey-chili mac and cheese

5/10 :Turkey-chili mac and cheese

Rethink the ultimate comfort food with this recipe that adds heat with turkey chili. 

6 /10: Pasta e fagioli

6/10 :Pasta e fagioli

Sometimes simple is best, as proven by this recipe for macaroni and bean soup

7 /10: Vegan goulash

7/10 :Vegan goulash

Made with macaroni, lentils and veggies, this goulash stew will fill you right up.

8 /10: Pressure cooker chicken soup

8/10 :Pressure cooker chicken soup

The pressure cooker makes quick work of this classic chicken soup

9 /10: One-pot chili mac & cheese soup

9/10 :One-pot chili mac & cheese soup

Creamy, beefy and full of cozy goodness, this hearty soup will be a family favorite.

10 /10: Sausage tortellini soup

10/10 :Sausage tortellini soup

Sausage, tortellini and cannellini beans make this one-pot soup a perfect weeknight dinner.