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10 Recipes That Taste Like Pizza but Aren’t


SheKnows Editorial

As a kid, I swore that I could eat pizza every day and never get tired of it. As an adult, I’d say that statement still holds true, except I now realize that it’s not the healthiest idea to literally eat pizza every single day. That being said, there are a few workarounds — namely, adding a few key ingredients to your meals to make them taste like pizza, even on nights when you’re skipping the delivery.

It’s amazing how you can transform your favorite foods just by adding in whole plum tomatoes, cheese, pepperoni and oregano. It gives you all the big flavors of your favorite pie, whether the meal in question is a pan of spaghetti, some tender zucchini boats or even a bowl of super-creamy hummus that you’re serving at a party. Just make sure you focus on quality. Using the best ingredients, like canned whole plum tomatoes from Red Gold, helps ensure that your recipes come out great every time. Red Gold’s tomatoes even won the Epicurious award for Best Canned Tomatoes.

Once you taste these recipes, you’ll realize that you can, in fact, have pizza for every meal — no delivery required.

This post was sponsored by Red Gold Tomatoes.

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