13 Family-Approved Fall Pork Recipes Everyone Will Love

by Justina Huddleston
Nov 21, 2017 at 2:30 p.m. ET

Fall is my favorite time of year for cooking. Transitioning back into cold-weather meals full of hearty ingredients is a pleasure after the lighter fare of summer has been taking up room on the table, and my whole family gets excited at the prospect of enjoying their favorite comfort foods again.

That being said, I also like to focus on simple recipes that can be made on weeknights. Between the hustle and bustle of work and school, it's always important that our meals are both satisfying and easy to put together, whether that means they're made in the slow cooker, they use pre-seasoned roasts or they're cooked on the stove top in just one pan.

If you're looking for the same, these recipes totally fit the bill. Creamy pasta dishes, hearty soups, meat-and-potatoes meals and more — these are the family-friendly fall meals you'll find yourself turning to time and time again.

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1 /13: Sheet pan pork chops & veggies

1/13 :Sheet pan pork chops & veggies

This one-pan meal of pork chops and veggies will feed the whole family with no hassle.

2 /13: Slow cooker Tuscan pork pasta

2/13 :Slow cooker Tuscan pork pasta

Make easy work of dinner with a pre-seasoned pork roast and your slow cooker.

3 /13: Mini pork meatloaf muffins

3/13 :Mini pork meatloaf muffins

Made with ground pork, these meatloaf muffins are juicy inside and smothered with melted cheese.

4 /13: Roasted pork tenderloin

4/13 :Roasted pork tenderloin

Tender pork tenderloin will practically melt in your mouth. Serve the tangy mustard sauce on the side.

5 /13: Maple bacon chili

5/13 :Maple bacon chili

Maple-glazed bacon, beef and Italian pork sausage make this chili the perfect hearty meal for cold nights.

6 /13: Hoisin pork stir-fry

6/13 :Hoisin pork stir-fry

Sweet hoisin sauce quickly transforms your pork into a finger-lickin' good stir-fry.

7 /13: Ham and rice casserole

7/13 :Ham and rice casserole

Chopped ham adds big flavor to this creamy, vegetable-studded rice casserole

8 /13: Garlic butter pork chops

8/13 :Garlic butter pork chops

Garlic butter keeps these pork chops super-moist and boldly flavorful. 

9 /13: Slow cooker ham and beans

9/13 :Slow cooker ham and beans

Keep dinner hearty and affordable by cooking up a batch of meaty, smoky beans in your slow cooker. 

10 /13: Slow cooker pork and apples

10/13 :Slow cooker pork and apples

Sweet, tangy and savory, these tender pork chops and apples are a fall favorite. 

11 /13: Pesto cavatappi

11/13 :Pesto cavatappi

Creamy pesto pasta is elegant enough for adults but simple enough for kids to like, too. 

12 /13: Slow cooker chili lime pork roast

12/13 :Slow cooker chili lime pork roast

Whether you serve it on slider rolls or wrap it in tortillas, you can't go wrong with this slow cooker pork roast.

13 /13: Pancetta pumpkin baked pasta

13/13 :Pancetta pumpkin baked pasta

Pumpkin and pancetta make this creamy, cheesy pasta even more indulgent.