10 Recipes That Prove Bacon Is the Most Versatile Food

by Justina Huddleston
Nov 20, 2017 at 3:30 p.m. ET

It's no secret that pretty much everyone is obsessed with bacon. Is there any better way to start your morning than with the smell of bacon and coffee wafting through the house to wake you up? And while breakfast just wouldn't be breakfast without bacon, it turns out that bacon is a lot more versatile than you might initially think. And if you can eat bacon all day long, why wouldn't you?

Smoky, salty and meaty, bacon's bold flavor can bring a big boost to all kinds of meals. It's delicious when paired with sugar to create a salty-sweet balance, its smoky flavor cuts through heavy cheese and cream sauces, and it can make any vegetable worth eating (here's looking at you, Brussels sprouts).

So, the next time you're at the store, pick up an extra package of bacon. It's the easiest shortcut to adding big flavor to all your meals.

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1 /10: Bacon kimchi chicken salad sandwiches

1/10 :Bacon kimchi chicken salad sandwiches

You'll never suffer through a boring lunch again once you master this bacon kimchi chicken salad recipe. 

2 /10: Bacon potatoes au gratin

2/10 :Bacon potatoes au gratin

Potatoes baked with cream and Gruyere are even more swoon-worthy with bacon in the mix

3 /10: Bacon Brussels sprouts

3/10 :Bacon Brussels sprouts

The best way to eat your vegetables? Pair them with savory bacon and a maple bourbon glaze. 

4 /10: Spinach, bacon & Gorgonzola gnocchi

4/10 :Spinach, bacon & Gorgonzola gnocchi

Bacon lends a smoky flair to this creamy, bold gnocchi dish. 

5 /10: Maple bacon hazelnut cupcakes

5/10 :Maple bacon hazelnut cupcakes

Sweet cupcakes are better than ever when balanced by a dose of smoky bacon.

6 /10: Maple bacon sweet potatoes

6/10 :Maple bacon sweet potatoes

Sweet, salty, starchy and satisfying, this dish of bacon sweet potatoes is what dreams are made of. 

7 /10: Butternut & carrot soup with bacon

7/10 :Butternut & carrot soup with bacon

Crisped-up strips of bacon add big texture and flavor to this healthy, creamy soup.

8 /10: Stir fry with bacon & shrimp

8/10 :Stir fry with bacon & shrimp

Amp up the umami in your favorite stir fry by adding in some smoky, salty bacon.

9 /10: Bacon apple crumble

9/10 :Bacon apple crumble

Sate all of your cravings with this dynamic dessert, made with sweet apples and salty, crispy bacon. 

10 /10: Harvest chicken & vegetable skillet

10/10 :Harvest chicken & vegetable skillet

As colorful as it is tasty, this harvest chicken skillet hits the spot on busy nights.