15 Potpie Recipes That Are Anything but Basic

by Colleen Stinchcombe
Oct 21, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. ET
Image: Robinmaby/Getty

Few things match the level of satisfaction we get from pairing a creamy potpie gravy with a crispy, buttery outer crust. It has the ease of a casserole without the questionable reputation. It’s a comforting, warm treat on a cold day. If it can’t be eaten all at once, it’s just as good as leftovers. It’s perfect for feeding several hungry people at once. It can be made into fancy single-serving pies or served family style in a big pie plate.

If you’ve only stuck by standard chicken potpie recipes, it’s time to get out of your rut. Sure, the traditional peas, potato and carrot recipes are classic for a reason. But there’s a whole potpie world to be explored.

These potpie recipes go from tiny twists to total reinventions. From seafood medleys to pies that resemble tacos, we’re sharing the best potpie meals we could find. Time to preheat the oven. These recipes are anything but basic.

1 /15: Cornbread-topped BBQ chicken potpie

1/15 :Cornbread-topped BBQ chicken potpie

Turn your cornbread into the topping of a delicious barbecue chicken potpie.

2 /15: Cajun chicken potpie

2/15 :Cajun chicken potpie

A slightly spicy twist on the classic potpie recipe.

3 /15: Healthy vegetarian potpie

3/15 :Healthy vegetarian potpie

This vegetarian potpie is packed with broccoli and wrapped in phyllo dough.

4 /15: Buffalo chicken potpie

4/15 :Buffalo chicken potpie

The kick you love from wings in an easy-to-eat potpie package.

5 /15: Beef mushroom potpie

5/15 :Beef mushroom potpie

This savory beef and mushroom potpie is the perfect cold-weather comfort food.

6 /15: Cheddar biscuit-topped chicken harvest potpie

6/15 :Cheddar biscuit-topped chicken harvest potpie

Cheddar biscuits add a little extra somethin' to traditional potpie fillings.

7 /15: Lobster potpie

7/15 :Lobster potpie

This lobster potpie has a secret ingredient: brandy.

8 /15: Salmon potpie

8/15 :Salmon potpie

Salmon packs protein and omega-3s and is a simple swap from chicken.

9 /15: Cauliflower potpie

9/15 :Cauliflower potpie

Want a low-carb dish? Cauliflower makes a tasty potpie crust.

10 /15: Seafood potpie

10/15 :Seafood potpie

Shrimp, crab meat and bacon perfectly hit the spot in this seafood potpie.

11 /15: Kale white bean potpie

11/15 :Kale white bean potpie

Vegetarian but still hearty, this kale and white bean potpie is topped with chive biscuits.

12 /15: Taco potpie

12/15 :Taco potpie

A taco potpie is guaranteed to please both kids and adults.

13 /15: Pizza potpie

13/15 :Pizza potpie

Is it a pizza? Is it a pie...? It's both! A pizza potpie that rivals any deep-dish you've tried.

14 /15: Skillet chili-cornbread potpie

14/15 :Skillet chili-cornbread potpie

We already know cornbread and chili go perfectly together. Now it's time to make them into a pie.

15 /15: Shrimp potpie

15/15 :Shrimp potpie

Shrimp adds the taste of the sea to your favorite classic potpie recipe.