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15 Potpie Recipes That Are Anything but Basic

Few things match the level of satisfaction we get from pairing a creamy potpie gravy with a crispy, buttery outer crust. It has the ease of a casserole without the questionable reputation. It’s a comforting, warm treat on a cold day. If it can’t be eaten all at once, it’s just as good as leftovers. It’s perfect for feeding several hungry people at once. It can be made into fancy single-serving pies or served family style in a big pie plate.

If you’ve only stuck by standard chicken potpie recipes, it’s time to get out of your rut. Sure, the traditional peas, potato and carrot recipes are classic for a reason. But there’s a whole potpie world to be explored.

These potpie recipes go from tiny twists to total reinventions. From seafood medleys to pies that resemble tacos, we’re sharing the best potpie meals we could find. Time to preheat the oven. These recipes are anything but basic.

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