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11 Thanksgiving Breakfast Ideas That Won’t Ruin Your Holiday Meal


SheKnows Editorial

Thanksgiving is about one thing and one thing only. Well, OK, technically it’s about family and togetherness and being grateful for what you have, but something else usually springs to mind before all of that (and can you blame us?): the food. From perfectly bronzed turkey that’s still juicy inside to utterly creamy pumpkin pies and the ultimate mashed potatoes, there’s something at this big seasonal feast that everyone is looking forward to.

But in order to enjoy everything on offer at your dinner, you’ve got to take it easy with your breakfast. You want to have something lighter than you might usually choose, and you should make sure to get a healthy dose of vitamins to tide you over, too. These recipes will keep you satisfied until your big meal but won’t leave you stuffed, meaning you’ll have plenty of room left to indulge in all of your favorites once dinner is served.

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