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13 Brilliant Ways to Repurpose Your Overcooked Meat


SheKnows Editorial

We’ve all been there. You’ve spent minutes or hours cooking, and then comes the moment when it’s finally time to test your creation. The verdict? It’s… dry. There’s nothing worse than putting your heart and soul into a dish only to have the meat come out overcooked. But you don’t have to give up or throw it away; there are a few different ways you can salvage any chicken, pork, turkey or beef that’s been in the oven or pot for too long.

If your original dish is already saucy or brothy, you can try slicing, shredding, or dicing your meat and letting it sit in the juices to soak up some moisture. If not, you can make one of these recipes, which are creamy, juicy, cheesy and saucy. Add your overcooked meat to the pot and let it simmer very gently just until heated through. And you can always serve your meal with some extra sauce or condiments on the side.

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