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11 Tasty Ways to Hack a Box of Cake Mix


SheKnows Editorial

It’s as ubiquitous as flour in most of our kitchens: boxed cake mix sitting in wait on our shelves for the couple of days a year when a birthday party calls for its service. But boxed cake mix is actually surprisingly versatile, and it’s a shame that it spends so much of its time on the shelf.

Because it’s filled with the flour, leaveners and flavors you use in other baked goods (like cookies and quick breads), boxed cake mix is a huge time-saver. You can use it as the base for other recipes, adding in liquids and additional flavors as needed; usually, just a couple of extras are all you need to transform the mix into a full-fledged treat.

So next time you’re at the store, get ready to stock up. With a supply of boxed cake mix in your pantry, you’ll be prepared to churn out tasty homemade baked goods whenever inspiration (or hunger) strikes.

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