10 Cocktails Made With Every Millennial’s Favorite Drink — LaCroix

by Justina Huddleston
Oct 18, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. ET

Ahh, LaCroix, the fizzy sparkling water that's worked its way into our hearts and souls over the past few years becoming ubiquitous in the refrigerators of couch-surfing millennials and suburban househusbands alike. And though much can be said about its refreshing bubbles, natural fruit flavors and lack of sweeteners, what people don't seem to realize is that those cans taking up space in the fridge are the perfect cocktail mixer.

LaCroix can add a subtle flavor to your simple spritzers and vodka sodas or jazz up your sangria with just a hint of citrus flair. But it works just as well in more complex cocktails too, bringing an effervescence that helps liven up particularly strong or sweet spirits. And because LaCroix comes in so many flavors, you can experiment with all kinds of pairings. At the end of the day, you’ll be left with a win-win: a perfectly crafted cocktail and plenty of leftover LaCroix to keep you hydrated the next day.

1 /10: Sparkling lemon drop martini

1/10 :Sparkling lemon drop martini

Give a lemon drop martini a playful kick with a splash of bubbly LaCroix.

2 /10: Coconut mojitos

2/10 :Coconut mojitos

Coconut rum and coconut LaCroix bring a double dose of flavor to these mojitos.

3 /10: Guava-coconut-pineapple cocktail

3/10 :Guava-coconut-pineapple cocktail

Each sip of this fruity drink will whisk you away to a tropical paradise.

4 /10: Cherry-lime sparklers

4/10 :Cherry-lime sparklers

Low in alcohol, high in flavor, these cocktails are made with Cerise Limón LaCroix and Cointreau.

5 /10: Incan golden berry & gin cocktail

5/10 :Incan golden berry & gin cocktail

Simple syrup made from Incan golden berries sweetens this drink of gin, lime juice and coconut LaCroix.

6 /10: Red wine LaCroix sangria

6/10 :Red wine LaCroix sangria

Frozen fruit, red wine and berry LaCroix combine to make this fizzy sangria.

7 /10: Spicy palomas

7/10 :Spicy palomas

Grapefruit LaCroix and a homemade jalapeño simple syrup combine to make this thirst-quenching drink.

8 /10: Strawberry-lime party punch

8/10 :Strawberry-lime party punch

Make punch for a crowd with this fizzy strawberry-lime-infused recipe. 

9 /10: Blackberry-lime vodka fizz

9/10 :Blackberry-lime vodka fizz

Fresh berries and lime juice are paired with blackberry-cucumber LaCroix to make this refreshing drink.

10 /10: Spiced grapefruit LaCroix cocktail

10/10 :Spiced grapefruit LaCroix cocktail

Spiced simple syrup adds a heady aroma to these sweet-tart cocktails