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11 Savage Yelp Reviews of Iron Chefs’ Restaurants

If you’re a foodie, you’ve probably watched your fair share of the U.S. version of the Iron Chef franchise, where chefs fight each other in a battle of culinary wizardry with secret or special ingredients and menu themes. The problem with TV food is that no matter how tasty something looks, your eyes and ears are the only things that are ever going to get to experience it.

As a fan, you may have wondered what it would be like to eat at one of these famous chef’s restaurants to taste a perfectly prepared steak or an expertly blended ramen broth. But lest you think these chefs and their restaurants never have an off day, their Yelp reviews suggest otherwise. Yes, even household-name chefs like Bobby Flay are bound to have their haters.

From accusations of rat infestations to food poisoning, we scrolled through the one-star reviews of the Iron Chef restaurants to see what their most unimpressed customers had to say.

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