11 Savage Yelp Reviews of Iron Chefs' Restaurants

by Colleen Stinchcombe
Oct 19, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. ET

If you’re a foodie, you’ve probably watched your fair share of the U.S. version of the Iron Chef franchise, where chefs fight each other in a battle of culinary wizardry with secret or special ingredients and menu themes. The problem with TV food is that no matter how tasty something looks, your eyes and ears are the only things that are ever going to get to experience it.

As a fan, you may have wondered what it would be like to eat at one of these famous chef’s restaurants to taste a perfectly prepared steak or an expertly blended ramen broth. But lest you think these chefs and their restaurants never have an off day, their Yelp reviews suggest otherwise. Yes, even household-name chefs like Bobby Flay are bound to have their haters.

From accusations of rat infestations to food poisoning, we scrolled through the one-star reviews of the Iron Chef restaurants to see what their most unimpressed customers had to say.

1 /11: Alex Guarnaschelli

1/11 :Alex Guarnaschelli

Butter Restaurant, NYC: “Stay away from the brunch. I had better food at the airport lounge. Tasteless and cold. Bagels were stale. This was amateur hour. Avoid!!!”— Hal G.

2 /11: Bobby Flay

2/11 :Bobby Flay

Bobby’s Burger Palace, Las Vegas: “Save your money. Aside from being located on America's sweaty and unwashed fat roll (the Strip), the place had all the charm of a frozen yogurt shop. Without ordering drinks, my family of 3 ended up dropping $50 for what amounted to mediocre fast food. Seriously, in-n-out would have better, and I could afford a haircut afterwards. Why bother asking how you want your burger done when they don't cook things any other way than 'well done'? They say this guy is a chef or something. Whatever. Best part is when I tried to order a beer, the cashier said 'save your money, go to a bar'. Awesome.” — Steve S.

3 /11: Jose Garces

3/11 :Jose Garces

Amada, NYC: "What really did this place in for me was the razor clams. Once I took a bite, my entire mouth was full of sand. Literally. No hyperbole here. I spent the majority of the time we were there trying to wash sand out of my mouth. When my boyfriend told the server, he just said, 'oh, that happens sometimes.' — Alexandra C.

4 /11: Marc Forgione

4/11 :Marc Forgione

Restaurant Marc Forgione, NYC: “This restaurant is in a great location and the space is very well done. Looking forward to the next restaurant in this space after this one goes out of business for incompetent service.” — Michael M.

5 /11: Bobby Flay

5/11 :Bobby Flay

Bobby Flay Steak, Atlantic City: “We had to return the gorgonzola ricotta fonduta appetizer because it was over cooked and burnt. When the replacement arrived, it was so loaded with black pepper that is tasted more like morning gravy...all we needed was biscuits and eggs. The spicy southwest ribeye was cooked incorreclty and was sent back. When it arrived back (the same steak!) it was smothered in 2 different sauces and topped with a medley of peppers. There were too many competing flavors to the point where you couldn't taste the $50 steak. It was bloody god awful and left a strong taste of black pepper in our mouths. I am sure that this steak would not have won Iron Chef.” — Will W.

6 /11: Geoffrey Zakarian

6/11 :Geoffrey Zakarian

The Lambs Club, NYC: “I walked away from the meal feeling like I could have grabbed a sandwich at a bodega and felt more satisfied. The service was slow. The drink was watery and the plates were so small and lacking life that I really felt upset that I spent so much.”— Shani M. 

7 /11: Masaharu Morimoto

7/11 :Masaharu Morimoto

Momosan Ramen & Sake, NYC: “Tokyo Chicken - The broth tasted like a wet dog, not chicken.

"Kakuni Bao - One of the worst pork belly bun I've ever had. It doesn't melt in your mouth. The meat was too chewy and not effortless.” — J J.

8 /11: Jose Garces

8/11 :Jose Garces

Tinto, Philadelphia: “Sadly I will not be returning to Tinto. A friend of mine had a rat scurry over her foot during a visit to the restaurant. And from the Philadelphia Inquirer: '[Jose Garces' Tinto Restaurant] had more risk factors for foodborne illness than 99 percent of establishments inspected in 2014. [...] Seven inspections in a row at [Tinto] found multiple serious violations, such as a food-prep employee's working with a cut finger, raw meat stored over produce, and egg salad held at temperatures hospitable to microbes.'” — Alex L.

9 /11: Michael Symon

9/11 :Michael Symon

The B Spot, Ohio: “This place is guaranteed to give you diarrhea, avoid it and save your money. I barely got home in time last time I ate here. Hot brown espresso pissed out of my ass for ten minutes straight. I'll never eat here again. Do not eat here, the food is dirty.” — Bob P.

10 /11: Michael Symon

10/11 :Michael Symon

Lola, Cleveland “If I could get one meal that was at least tepid in temperature I'd try again. Maybe if I tote a microwave with me?” — Rina S.

11 /11: Masaharu Morimoto

11/11 :Masaharu Morimoto

Morimoto Asia, Orlando: “This is place is SO BAD, like really really bad. I ordered a shrimp tempura and it tasted like gas station sushi. It was super small, not even cut up and pre-made in the window. $8 for that!! I also got pork egg rolls for $10 and they tasted like the kind you buy frozen from the grocery story. It was so bad I almost wanted to demand my money back. $17 down the drain.” — Thomas V.