11 Fall Wedding Cakes That Have Us Drooling

by Justina Huddleston
Oct 10, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. ET

When a chill is in the air and the harvest moon rises high in the sky above forests of leaves turning orange, yellow and red, you know it's fall. And while some people prefer the sunny days and flowers of spring and summer, the rest of us know there's a particular magic to autumn that makes it the perfect time to get married.

But just as your guests will need to wear something a little warmer than they would during a summer wedding, so will you need to alter your wedding decor and style slightly so it fits with the dreamy, moody, crisp fall aesthetic around you. Your cake is the perfect opportunity to bring in some seasonal style. From pops of color thanks to orange fondant flowers to a cake that looks traditional on the outside but is filled with a buffalo check pattern that gives it a surprisingly rustic flair, these enchanting wedding cakes will make you want to say I do in the fall.

1 /11: Simple burgundy & white fall cake

1/11 :Simple burgundy & white fall cake

The deep, pinkish-red on the base layer of this cake adds a flash of color without being too overwhelming.

2 /11: Rustic forest wedding cake

2/11 :Rustic forest wedding cake

Delicate pine fronds decorate this rustic cake.

3 /11: Autumn copper cake

3/11 :Autumn copper cake

Decorated with edible coper paillettes, this cake brings glamour to a fall wedding. 

4/11 :Fall fig cake

Juicy figs, grapes and blackberries adorn this simple white wedding cake

5 /11: Shimmering branches cake

5/11 :Shimmering branches cake

Black branches contrast sharply with this shimmering dark-orange cake, perfect for a fall wedding.

6/11 :Owl cake

Trade out a traditional wedding topper for two snowy owls to make this cake, reminiscent of late autumn.

7 /11: Naked fall cake

7/11 :Naked fall cake

The naked-style crumb coating of frosting on this cake is juxtaposed with elegant flower blossoms.

8 /11: Caramel apple cake

8/11 :Caramel apple cake

Embrace the season of caramel apples and carnivals with this ooey-gooey autumn wedding cake

9 /11: Fall geode floral cake

9/11 :Fall geode floral cake

Combine trendy, Earth geodes with autumn flowers to create this stunning cake

10 /11: Lumberjack mushroom cake

10/11 :Lumberjack mushroom cake

On the outside, this cake is decorated with edible mushrooms and moss; inside, reveal the flannel. 

11 /11: Chalkboard cake

11/11 :Chalkboard cake

This dark and moody chalkboard cake blends seamlessly with woodsy, elegant autumn decor.