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12 Condiments You Can Totally Make at Home


SheKnows Editorial

From fries to pad thai, every meal we eat is only as good as the condiments we have on the side. I mean, who would want to eat a burger without ketchup or a jumbo soft pretzel without mustard? While some condiments, like ranch and mayo (which do in fact belong on pizza and french fries, respectively), can be controversial, what all of these side sauces and dips have in common is that they’re even more addictively dippable when you make them at home.

Even though it’s easy to reach for bottles and jars of your favorite edible extras when you’re at the store, the higher quality and ability to control which ingredients you use mean you should make your favorites from scratch at least once or twice. And once you’ve tried your customized concoction, you may find that it’s hard to go back to dipping, drizzling and slathering anything but these homemade condiments on your food ever again.

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