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A Complete Ranking of Costco’s Food Court Items

Despite the fact you typically go to Costco to fill up your cart with food to make at home, that doesn’t mean you’re impervious to the allure of the superstore’s famous food court. In fact, it’s pretty much the reward you promise yourself for braving the massive lines and vast expanses of costly temptations.

Plus, let’s be real: You can work up a hearty appetite carting around 10-gallon tubs of peanut butter, enough bottled water to see you through the apocalypse and a lifetime supply of cotton swabs.

And so the siren song of the food court beckons. Where else can you find a slice of pizza the size of a small child for only a buck? But as with most things in life, everything is not created equal. Consider this ranking of menu items from Costco’s food court, from worst to best, your field guide to surviving a trip to Costco’s food court.

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