A Complete Ranking of Costco's Food Court Items

by Julie Sprankles
Sep 22, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. ET

Despite the fact you typically go to Costco to fill up your cart with food to make at home, that doesn’t mean you’re impervious to the allure of the superstore’s famous food court. In fact, it’s pretty much the reward you promise yourself for braving the massive lines and vast expanses of costly temptations.

Plus, let’s be real: You can work up a hearty appetite carting around 10-gallon tubs of peanut butter, enough bottled water to see you through the apocalypse and a lifetime supply of cotton swabs.

And so the siren song of the food court beckons. Where else can you find a slice of pizza the size of a small child for only a buck? But as with most things in life, everything is not created equal. Consider this ranking of menu items from Costco's food court, from worst to best, your field guide to surviving a trip to Costco’s food court.

1 /14: Latte mocha freeze

1/14 :Latte mocha freeze

Perhaps we're frozen coffee purists, but this slushy concoction isn't great on its own. With a churro? Doable. 

2 /14: Chicken Caesar salad

2/14 :Chicken Caesar salad

Unfortunate since it's the "healthiest" choice, but this chicken Caesar salad is pretty darn basic. 

3 /14: Turkey sandwich

3/14 :Turkey sandwich

Between the thick torta roll and the garlic mayo, the hot turkey and provolone sandwich is a tad heavy (but still tasty). 

4 /14: Very berry sundae

4/14 :Very berry sundae

We're not mad at this treat of soft serve ice cream topped with a berry compote, but it is super-sweet. 

5/14 :Chicken bake

If a pizza crust, ham and cheese Hot Pocket and bacon had a love child, it would be the indulgent chicken bake. 

6/14 :Churros

If you're looking for an authentic churro, keep looking. But if you like cinnamony-doughy goodness, you're golden.  

7 /14: BBQ brisket sandwich

7/14 :BBQ brisket sandwich

The brisket pulls apart perfectly. The BBQ is sweet and tangy. And the slaw offers a crisp crunch. Score! 

8 /14: Chocolate & vanilla twist

8/14 :Chocolate & vanilla twist

I mean, you can't really mess up soft serve in a waffle cone, right? This classic speaks for itself.

9 /14: Polish dog

9/14 :Polish dog

The only reason the Polish dog gets docked points is because it tastes almost just like a regular hot dog.

10 /14: Italian sausage sandwich

10/14 :Italian sausage sandwich

It's a shame the Italian sausage dog is only offered in certain regions, 'cause it's a Polish dog done right. 

11 /14: Gelato in a waffle cone

11/14 :Gelato in a waffle cone

It's gelato, you guys — three generous scoops in a waffle cone for only $1.50. Dessert never tasted so sweet.

12 /14: Chili

12/14 :Chili

A seasonal item, Costco's chili is seriously legit. It's loaded with meat and beans, making it a hearty choice. 

13 /14: Hot dog

13/14 :Hot dog

The dog, the bun, the toppings... it's all delicious. Besides, for $1.50 with a drink? It's a total no-brainer. 

14/14 :Pizza

If someone scoffs at the Costco pizza hype, cut 'em loose. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life.