Here's How Your Favorite Chefs Scramble Their Eggs

by Justina Huddleston
Sep 21, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. ET
How Your Favorite Chefs Scramble Their Eggs: Find out how to make scrambled eggs like a total pro
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I fear making a soufflé and tremble at the thought of mastering a perfect batch of macarons. But ask many chefs what the hallmark of a great cook is, and they'll tell you: It's how they make their scrambled eggs.

It turns out, the browned diner omelets and crumbly continental breakfast eggs you're used to aren't exactly up to snuff. The best chefs in the world all have different methods, but seemingly, none of them have to do with making your eggs in huge batches as fast as possible (as your taste buds could probably tell you). Who knew?

While some chefs favor rich add-ins like milk, sour cream and cheese, others keep things simple with just a hint of butter in the pan and some salt and pepper to taste. What most of them have in common, though, is an attention to detail that churns out perfectly textured eggs every time — depending on what perfect means to you.

From creamy and loose to firm but moist, there's a celebrity chef scrambled eggs recipe for everyone.

1 /11: Jamie Oliver's scrambled eggs

1/11 :Jamie Oliver's scrambled eggs

The perfect blend of creamy and firm, Oliver's scrambled eggs are great heaped atop toast. 

2 /11: Anthony Bourdain's scrambled eggs

2/11 :Anthony Bourdain's scrambled eggs

Chopped bacon and sour cream are the secret ingredients in Anthony Bourdain's scrambled eggs

3 /11: Nigella Lawson's Mexican scrambled eggs

3/11 :Nigella Lawson's Mexican scrambled eggs

Green chilies and torn fried tortillas liven up Nigella's Mexican-inspired scrambled eggs.

4 /11: Sunny Anderson's scrambled cheesy eggs

4/11 :Sunny Anderson's scrambled cheesy eggs

A handful of shredded cheese seasons these eggs while also keeping them creamy and moist. 

5 /11: Alton Brown's scrambled eggs

5/11 :Alton Brown's scrambled eggs

Alton Brown's scrambled eggs are soft and fluffy and endlessly adaptable, like in this cheesy recipe. 

6 /11: Haylie Duff's scrambled eggs & caviar

6/11 :Haylie Duff's scrambled eggs & caviar

A spoonful of caviar and crème fraîche elevate these elegant eggs

7 /11: Ina Garten's herb scrambled eggs

7/11 :Ina Garten's herb scrambled eggs

Garten takes a cue from the French, cooking her eggs slowly until custardy and delicate. 

8 /11: Mario Batali's uni eggs

8/11 :Mario Batali's uni eggs

Served at his restaurant Casa Mono, these decadent eggs are made with uni and other gourmet ingredients.

9 /11: Gwyneth Paltrow's eggs with arugula

9/11 :Gwyneth Paltrow's eggs with arugula

Peppery arugula and nutty Parmesan bring big flavor to these creamy scrambled eggs

10 /11: Chrissy Teigen's creamy scrambled eggs

10/11 :Chrissy Teigen's creamy scrambled eggs

Olive oil, butter and constant stirring over low heat are what make Chrissy Teigen's eggs a treat. 

11 /11: Gordon Ramsay's perfect scrambled eggs

11/11 :Gordon Ramsay's perfect scrambled eggs

Perfectly soft and creamy, Gordon Ramsay's scrambled eggs are cooked low and slow with plenty of butter.